Our production range encompasses many applications including transformers of just a few VA for printed circuits to transformers with power ratings of several hundred kVA, specific photovoltaic applications, wind energy, fully compliant with UL-CSA and ENEC standards, electro-medical, maritime and railway uses, inductor filters for inverters, and starter motors. Please feel free to contact us for any of your requests concerning static electrical machines.

Each phase of our business process is governed by the ISO 9ISO 9001:2015 company quality system standard: each estimate, customer/supplier order, executive project, incoming materials, construction operation, testing, or any complaints are all recorded and constantly managed.

This ensures we provide you with products of the highest quality, whilst keeping product and non-conformity issues to the minimum.

Our project management expertise draws upon over 50 years of experience, and in that time we have successfully managed an extremely disparate range of requests, always ensuring that the end product has the added value which comes from our close collaboration with our clients.

Each and every product that leaves our departments is 100% tested with constantly certified measuring instruments in authorised laboratories. Our normal routine testing is supported by type testing performed in-house in our own laboratory, or by external laboratories authorised to issue product quality labels.

The main fields of application of our production:

Industrial automation

Civil and industrial electrical systems

Construction of production lines

Electricity distribution

Photovoltaic, wind power and renewable sources

Machine tools


Medical sector

Railway sector

Naval sector


Video door entry systems